5.05 Excluding and Abstemiousness


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Today we’re talking about episode 5 of Season 5, and it’s called “Excluding and Abstemiousness”

It first aired in the US on Jun 12th, 2005. It was written by Shawn Postoff, his sixth of seven episodes, and he also served as story editor for 14 episodes.

“Excluding and Abstemiousness” was directed by Chris Grismer, who only directed three episodes of Queer as Folk. He went on to direct episodes of Kyle XY, Orphan Black and the the Keifer Sutherland vehicle, Designated Surviror.

Here’s the synopsis of “Excluding and Abstemiousness” The fight over baby JR intensifies when Michael and Ben leave her with Justin and Daphne and she promptly suffers from a fever and ear infection causing Melanie, Lindsay, Michael and Ben to confront the situation at the hospital. We’re left with Lindsay and Michael saying that they are withdrawing from the three way custody agreement.

Hunter’s troubles at school continue after a car crash of a parents meeting. Callie seems on his side at first but then wanders off with a boyfriend that we never knew existed. Ted’s plastic surgery story comes to an end when he appears at the bar looking exactly like he did before he had plastic surgery. And finally, Loretta’s awkward injection into Queer as Folk comes to an end after Debbie at long last tells her that she’s straight and not interested in her.

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