Meet My Country: Uzbekistan, With Dilfuza Kurolova and Dr. Farkhod Tolipov


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Human rights lawyer Dilfuza Kurolova and political scientist Dr. Farkhod Tolipov talk about their homeland Uzbekistan – the land locked and most populous country of Central Asia. After two decades of economic and political isolation under the former President Islom Karimov, there are hopes that the current president will bring the much needed change to the former Soviet country. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev is more reform-orientated, more democratic and more liberal than his predecessor, and there has been a shift towards a more liberal life, though only a very slight one, and there is much to do to create a democratic system in Uzbekistan, as our speakers point out.
4:12 Background information on Uzbekistan

6:30 Dilfuza and Dr. Tolipov’s views on Uzbekistan, and where it stands today

21:20 The cotton industry

26:57 Uzbekistan’s involvement in China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and reactions from Russia

34:47 Dilfuza and Dr. Tolipov’s recommendations for places to visit and food to try

Your host: Denise Staubli, Program Manager, Asia Society Switzerland
Moderator: Simona Grano, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Taiwan Studies Project at the University of Zurich (UZH)
Dilfuza Kurolova, human rights lawyer and founding-curator of the Global Shapers Tashkent Hub
Dr. Farkhod Tolipov, Director of the non-governmental Research Institution “Bilim Karvoni” (“Caravan of Knowledge”)
Production: Denise Staubli
Show Notes

Green dumplings –in season in Spring/Summer

Watermelons – very big and tasty in the Summer

Plov – National dish of Uzbekistan

Khiva – Ancient city in Xorazm Region, Uzbekistan

The capital city Tashkent with its big bazaars and the famous Tashkent metro (featuring very beautiful tunnels and stations). Most stunning station: “Cosmos” station

New Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan

Publications by Dr. Farkhod Tolipov

Asia Society Switzerland webcast A Closer Look at Uzbekistan with Dilfuza Kurolova and Dr. Farkhod Tolipov, May 20, 2021

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