Meet Austria-Based Monkee – A Fintech With More Than 80% Women as Clients


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Monkee found a way to attract women to fintech

Meet Austria-Based Monkee – A fintech with more than 80% Women as Clients

With Monkee I am combining my passions for finance and what I learned in the area of habit forming technology Martin Granig, CEO and Co-Founder Monkee

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The Founder

This is one of our interviews, covering a startup from Tirol, Austria, the fintech Monkee ( We have Martin Granig ( in the interview, CEO and co-founder of the fintech. Martin is an engineer by training, having worked more than a decade at Swarovski, in his last position he was leading the global innovation department. He is also currently working on a Ph.D. in savings behavior. It may not surprise you now that Monkee is a startup helping you to save money and with vouchers on the spending as well. During his studies, he also attended 北大 BeiDa (Peking University), Fudan University 復旦大學, London Business School, SDA Bocconi, Ashridge Business School and many more.

Nudges are only slight tips in the right direction if someone is already in the process of making the right decision to form habits. Martin Granig, CEO and Co-Founder Monkee

The Startup

The startup Monkee is based in Tyrol, one of the states of Austria ( The goal of Monkee is to improve the financial well-being of its clients. The app works with small nodes in order to help you save money, either for your rainy-day fund or towards an actual goal like a vacation, a laptop or another large purchase.

The Monkee-App also helps with (retail)-partners to save money with discounts to get your actual savings goals cheaper. They are also in the process of getting partners for daily necessities.

What really differentiates Monkee from other fintechs is that they have 84% women as active clients. That turns the normal client base of fintechs upside down. On the other hand, their female clients also like to interact more frequently with the app.

The Monkee App

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Google Play Store

Money worries are already the No 1 worry for most people. Martin Granig, CEO and Co-Founder Monkee

Venture Capital Funding

Monkee is currently raising a new round of venture capital, they are currently planning to close the round end of 2021.

There are many things coming together for Monkee so we could attract more women as clients. Martin Granig, CEO and Co-Founder Monkee

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The Interviewer

This interview was conducted by Jörn “Joe” Menninger, startup scout, founder, and host of Reach out to him: LinkedIn Twitter Email

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