What will We Regret Risking for Our Startups?


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In today’s Startup Therapy Podcast, Wil and Ryan talk about regret. Founders are bound to make decisions all the time. These decisions can make or break the Startup, and this is why regret is inevitable. Not all decisions bring a positive outcome, and when the outcome is the opposite of what you had anticipated, it’s part of the risk you’re taking.

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What to Listen For

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:33 Can you remember the first time you felt regret during a trade off?
  • 05:15 The regret didn’t kick until later
  • 07:43 Many of the risks that we’re putting up won’t return
  • 11:39 We assume that we can make up for these risks
  • 14:09 Don’t use the same pattern whenever you experience something new
  • 17:28 When we form habits, we stop thinking about the different outcomes
  • 21:32 Myth: No matter what the sacrifice is, you’ll be able to pay it back in the future
  • 25:52 Going on a vacation but not really enjoying the vacation
  • 27:25 We have to periodically reassess the sacrifices that we make
  • 30:53 Founders are experts at manufacturing anxiety

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