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Join Kristin Pulver Kapusta for a Spiritual Spotlight Series Interview!
About Kristin:
I have been an empath for as long as I can remember, so being able to feel the intensities of others was just the start of my divine journey. In 2004, I had a profound experience. I had astral projected for the first time. This opened up the divine flood gates. And the learning began. In time, I learned to interpret the messages I was hearing and seeing and the art of working with angels and spirit guides.
It was then that I came to meet Toni Craft, and she introduced me to a practice called Usui Reiki. I already felt the energies of others, so why not use that to help heal people?
In the coming years, being stuck indoors like everyone else, my soul was losing its connection to spirit and healing it so Desperately craved.
Through Akashic record readings, and healing rituals with the wonderful Rachael Garrett , Yoga and yoga therapy with Kateri Rhatigan, and my newly founded method of healing called Ho’oponopono, I transformed my life.
After studying this healing modality, I quickly realized that in order for Ho’oponopono to work, the healing had to begin with me. And that’s exactly what I did. Join me to learn more about how I healed myself from the inside out.
I am a certified Reiki master , spiritual healer, psychic medium ,empath, certified Ho’oponopono practitioner , and health coach

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Thank you for listening to Spiritual Spotlight Series! As always, remember to listen to the voice in your heart. A lot of times, we try to listen to what other people are saying and we forget that our own inner-voice is trying to speak up and be heard as well. All of your power is within you.
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