Spiritual Spotlight Series with Spiritual Intuitive Sandy Tiernan Menzer


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Join the amazing Sandy Tiernan Menzer for a spiritual spotlight series. She is a phenomenal spiritual intuitive, highly gifted and very generous.
More About Sandy:
I am a 'Spiritual Intuitive,' and I would like to share my gift with you. I provide private spiritual direction consultations for people looking for answers in career, love, finances, and more. My spirit guides give me information and messages from the past, present, and future that help awaken souls so that one can create and accept abundance in all areas of life. Ever since I was a child, I knew that I was supposed to help people feel better. The experience that made me realize this was that my parents had taken me to visit their friends and they had a daughter about 13 who had a crippling disease that made her wheelchair-bound. I remember feeling so much pain and sadness for her. I am here today to guide you along life's journey and to help you 'FindYourSpirit.'
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Thank you for listening to Spiritual Spotlight Series! As always, remember to listen to the voice in your heart. A lot of times, we try to listen to what other people are saying and we forget that our own inner-voice is trying to speak up and be heard as well. All of your power is within you.
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