Spiritual Spotlight Series with Holy Fire®️ III Karuna Reiki Master practitioner Michelle Carrington


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Join Michelle Carrington for a Spiritual Spotlight Series interview.
About Michelle:
Hello friends, I am Michelle Carrington:
I am your Holy Fire®️ III Karuna®️ Reiki Master practitioner and teacher. My journey with Reiki began around 2016 when a friend introduced me to her Reiki practioner. I wasn’t familiar with energy healing although I was curious. At the time I had moved to this magical little bungalow in southwest Florida, where the beaches are covered with crystal sand. The vibe here was like no other place I had ever experienced. I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I had just attended a retreat for women who had been sexually abused as children and I was trying to heal from the years of trauma I experienced as a result.
As I learned about Reiki, I realized that it was innate for me. I had been doing this type of thing all my life but just thinking that people were attracted to me because I am genuinely a good person.
Her Backstory:
My life I has been quite the journey. I entered this world with teenage parents. My mom was 16 and my dad turned 19 a few days after I was born. I am the oldest of 5 children.
I was raised in a cult Christian religion and I was an active member until I was around 40. I learned how to read and write at a very young age and was enrolled in a ministerial education program before entering kindergarten. I was trained to reason from the scriptures and communicate with compassion. I am grateful to have learned these skills as they have opened the door to many opportunities for me. Along with that, I was not immune to the spiritual and sexual trauma that is often connected to this environment.
I studied cosmetology in high school and became a hair stylist, eventually owning my own salon, educating and doing stage work at hair shows.
I married for the first time at the age of 21. In the following 2 years, I miscarried 2 children. I had suspected I was pregnant but never really discussed it because it was early and I definitely wasn’t ready. After confiding in my doctor that I didn't think I was ready for children, he told me not to worry and I didn’t. After many years of extremely painful and excessively heavy and menstrual flow that would last as long as 22 days a month I was diagnosed and treated for endometriosis at the age of 37. For many years I didn’t give this life experience any merit, however it has been an integral part of my healing journey.
At 42, I left my husband, and subsequently was disfellowshipped from the "church". It was shortly after that I deeply mourned the loss of my babies from 20 years prior.
All of my life I knew that I felt things differently. I was "sensitive". I remember having visions as a child and having it be explained as a vivid imagination, creative thinking and even a fever. I could feel what other people felt on a deep level. I was compassionate.
My spiritual awakening began on the first date with the man who is now my husband, my friend, my soulmate. His passion for the Native spiritual culture drew me in. He introduced me to The Secret, the power of being intentional, meditation and grace.
Nine years later I am a Holy Fire®III Karuna® Reiki Master, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and Sound healer. I am an intuitive guide with certifications in life co

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Thank you for listening to Spiritual Spotlight Series! As always, remember to listen to the voice in your heart. A lot of times, we try to listen to what other people are saying and we forget that our own inner-voice is trying to speak up and be heard as well. All of your power is within you.
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