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Join Barbara Neznek, BA, RH-AHG for a Spiritual Spotlight Series Interview.
Barbara Neznek, BA, RH-AHG is a registered clinical herbalist, professional shamanic practitioner and owner of Willow Tree Wisdom which is located in Amsterdam, NY.
About Barbara Neznek, BA, RH-AHG:
I began my herbal apprentice in 2001, after the death of my 13 year old niece. All during her treatment I kept thinking there has to be a better way. I also have 5 children and worried about the effects of pharmaceuticals, especially anti- biotics, on them. I began by reading books and taking classes when I could find them. I was very fortunate to find my Teacher, Shawn Schultz, RA, HT and took a seven year apprentice ship with Shawn. The loss of my niece followed shortly by the death of my Grandmother, led me to also seek some training to explain why I could sometimes talk to them.
This led to many classes and trainings with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and I eventually began sharing what I learned. I have been very fortunate in finding the teachers that presented themselves. In May of 2016, I completed Sandra Ingerman's Two-Year Teacher Training in Shamanic Journeying, Healing, and Medicine for the Earth. I enjoy my work and am happy to share my knowledge with those seeking healing.
I live on a farm in upstate NY, grow most of the medicine that I use as well as food for my family and friends.
We rescue animals and are very involved in Community life
About Willow Tree Wisdom:
The great misunderstanding of modern western culture is that it's difficult to come into contact with the Sacred. It isn't. What is difficult is to come into harmony with it.

Let us aid you on your journey to harmony. There are seven physical needs of life. They are fresh air, pure water, exercise, sunshine, healthy diet, cleanliness, sufficient rest and sleep. The needs of emotional and spiritual balance and personal growth also need to be met in order to maintain health. When any of these needs or a combination of them is neglected, the result may be disease.

Building health holistically is not just about advising and administering herbs to treat symptoms, although that is where treatment may begin. What holistic health is really about though is taking a look at a client’s lifestyle and helping them to achieve balance. Herbs and supplements may be suggested to restore and help maintain balance, but the ultimate goal is to assist the client to develop a lifestyle plan including proper diet, exercise, rest periods and the development of rewarding relationships that sustains health.

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