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Join Rachel Garrett, Melissa Neely and Bobbi Ryan for an educational and exciting discussion about the historic Dr. Best House and Medical Museum.
Bobbi Ryan is the director of the Dr. Best House and Medical Museum open the doors for Melissa and I to learn about the amazing home and speak with the spirits.
Throughout the interview we had several physical examples of the paranormal activity - there was a picture frame that was swaying back and forth throughout the entire interview and another example was when Melissa was wrapping up one of the medical pamphlets shut closed.
The Historic Dr. Best House and Medical Museum
As if awaiting the return of Dr. Best from a house call on his horse-drawn carriage, this Victorian home and medical office captures the elegance of the turn of the century. Serving a small-town American community from 1884 to 1991, the Dr. Best collection echoes reminders of a quickly changing era.
Civil War, railroad and telephone artifacts all reflect the character of this family of pioneers and visionaries. The expansive and unique collection includes thousands of bottles, automotive memorabilia, clothing and quilts, to name a few as well as the fully stocked period kitchen and state-of-the-art medical equipment.

The Best House, which is located at 1568 Clauverwie Road in Middleburgh, New York, served as home and office to two generations of country doctors over a period of 100 years.
Check out the The Historic Dr. Best House and Medical Museum for upcoming events and how to donate.
Thank you for listening to Spiritual Spotlight Series! As always, remember to listen to the voice in your heart. A lot of times, we try to listen to what other people are saying and we forget that our own inner-voice is trying to speak up and be heard as well. All of your power is within you.
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