DEMYSTIFYING THE BEAN PROTOCOL: Food as Medicine and the Healing Powers of Legumes with Unique Hammond


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Today’s episode of SOUNDFOOD will change the way you look at beans and illuminate their incredible potential to heal both the human body and planet.

We are joined by Bean Protocol Advocate and Health Coach Unique Hammond. The Bean Protocol is a liver detox process first developed by biochemist Karen Hurd to treat her young daughter for pesticide poisoning, but now has evolved to include followers from around the globe. Unique first came to the protocol under Karen’s mentorship as she sought to heal her body from her years of struggling with Crohn’s disease. She now shares her devotion and passion for the protocol by coaching and healing others.

Unique is a holistic nutritionist, Bean Protocol Coach, self-proclaimed “cultivator of calm”, and author of Your Tastebuds Are A**holes as well as an upcoming book called The Bean Protocol. While using food as medicine to treat her Crohn’s disease, Unique unlocked the power that beans have to correct hormonal imbalances, gut issues, and many other ailments.

Our conversation dives deeply and intimately into Unique’s healing journey and her phenomenal trust in the process. She is a firm believer and advocate for listening to your body, interpreting what it’s saying, and acting on its requests. We also explore some of the connections Nitsa and Unique have growing up in Big Sur as well as other harmonious bonds.

This episode will surely make you reawaken to your senses and trust in the intelligence and strength of your body.

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