Six Simple Steps to Keeping the Peace


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Susan SteinbrecherOne of the most challenging roles of an effective entrepreneur or small business owner is that of “peacekeeper.” The ability to effectively navigate conflict will ultimately propel you to grow – both professionally and personally. As a leader without this ability, it can be extremely difficult to see projects through to fruition and successfully manage your team.

KenshoBusiness consultant, licensed mediator and Amazon bestselling author Susan Steinbrecher joins Anita Campbell in this episode to reveal the “Three Golden Rules” of engagement and the “Six Steps to Conflict Resolution.” Learn the secret to heart centered communication that will, more often than not, make the difference between positive and negative outcomes.

Below are the questions we asked Susan:

  • (2:47) Susan can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (5:04) How does being a mediator relate to the workplace and executive coaching?
  • (7:10) Tell us about the concept of emotional intelligence? What exactly is it and how does it relate to the workplace and why is it important to success?
  • (9:27) You say that there are two fundamental needs that must be met in any dialogue. What are those and why?
  • (11:43) At the beginning of the show, I mentioned you would be talking about the “golden rules of engagement.” What are those and how can a manager address those in any kind of a conflict situation?
  • (14:27) What about body language?
  • (18:25) Can we jump into the six steps to conflict resolution?
  • (23:49) Can you briefly summarize those six steps?
  • (26:16) What is heart centered communication?
  • (28:01) Where can people find out more about your new book and yourself?

* * * * *

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