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DrDebzz Opening Shpiel
Before you can "Say Yes" to Life, you've got to be confident saying "no" to others and prioritizing the concept "to thine own self be true." Are you comfortable saying "no" or are you a perennial people pleaser putting other's perceived expectations before your own needs?
It's the season to propagate, proliferate, proclaim, self-seed, self-sow your voice. Don't assume (or you'll become the first three letters in the word) others in your karass understand what makes you tick. Share your truth using the sixth language of love:
Celebrate the "no." No is a complete sentence. You never have to defend, explain, argue, excuse, or qualify. Say "no" politely, softly, sweetly, slowly, and succinctly. This practice will enable you to embrace life to the fullest and Say YES to the best version of yourself!
Guest Caller
Annie is in a constant state of anxiety. She feels like she wears an amulet of worry around her neck to make sure nothing bad happens. DrDebzz suggests ways to let go and wear a new amulet representing freedom from fear.
Weekly WOW (Words of Wisdom)
Follow your heart, stay aligned with your Source of being. Love and let the Universe take care of the details.
- Dr. Wayne Dyer
Confidence Boosters/Esteem Builders
I listen and lovingly surrender to the Divine
Whisper in my heart!
I Say Yes to Life! I Say Yes to the Spirit Within!
I am in joyous alignment with my highest good
unfolding now!
I Lean into the Yes! I Lean into the Spirit Within!
Featured Artist
Featured guest artist is accomplished, acclaimed vocalist and lyricist, Lorraine Feather, revealing her magical musical history, the process behind her soon to be released CD produced entirely during the pandemic, what she believes is the key to finding and keeping love, valuable advice for aspiring artists, and much much more.
Be the first on the block to hear the original tune "Are You Up" from Lorraine's thirteenth magnum opus work of art entitled, "My Own Particular Life," with astonishing accompaniment by la creme de la creme of master musicians: Russell Ferrante, piano; Michael Valerio, bass; Michael Shapiro, drums and percussion; Grant Geissman and Eddie Arkin, guitars; Charlie Bisharat, violin; and Eddie Arkin, arranger! Who could ask for anything more!!!

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Celebrated columnist, lauded life coach, skilled family mediator, I am privileged and honored to offer heartfelt help, inspiration, positivity, a nurturing spirit, and transformative tools.
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“THE CRITICAL SPIRIT” Are you judgmental, accusatory, fault-finding, negative, nitpicking with yourself and/or others? You can transform into an encouraging supportive positive spirit!
“THE POWER OF NO” Saying “no” & setting boundaries signifies yes I care & that you’re valuable & worthy of my time & attention.
”GENEROSITY OF SPIRIT” Kindness is caring enough about someone to be forthcoming about your true feelings, desires, dreams, sensitivities, vulnerabilities, i.e. the sixth language of love.
"STUFFING EMOTIONS" destroys relationships; people pleasing causes mistrust; being authentic is true kindness.
“MINDFUL WALKING” Take a tizzy, clear your mind, heal your heart.
“FORGIVENESS” Free yourself from toxic resentments & negativity.
"JEALOUSY" Celebrating others' success increases chances you'll be victorious.
“LEGAL ABUSE” How abusers use the legal system to gain control.
“PERFECTIONISM” Killing the perfectionism monster that's keeping you from pursuing passions.
"THE SIXTH LANGUAGE OF LOVE: Sharing Secret Sensitivities."
"FROM NEGATIVITY TO POSITIVITY: Changing Your Brain Chemistry"


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