41: Judas' Betrayal & Jesus' Arrest — From The Garden To The Cross


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Episode Type: Special Edition

Welcome to a special edition of the Share Life podcast. In this episode, we're discussing Jesus' betrayal by Judas and arrest in the garden of Gethsemane. This discussion is part 2 of my book project discovery process for From The Garden to the Cross: How Jesus' Harrowing Mission Shows Us The Way Forward. Click here to check out part 1 about Jesus' prayer in the garden.

Before we jump into the specific discussion about the particular passage of Judas' betrayal in the garden of Gethsemane, we first explore how this project intersects with the state of the church today. When we look around at the church as a whole, there's a gap between who we are now and the version of us Jesus desires to transform us into. Daily, we're bombarded with stories of how Jesus' followers are betraying him in how we conduct their lives and interact with others. Why are we often elevating power about service? Why isn't the transformative power of Jesus changing us for the better? What false teachings have we wrongly bought into? What's going on?

From there, we jump into some context building towards the moment of betrayal in the garden and before reading my harmonization of the story from the different biographical accounts of Jesus' life (using quotes from the New Living Translation of the Bible). After the reading, we explore what this story has to teach us about Jesus, humanity, and ourselves.

This particular moment of betrayal begins right after Jesus' agonizing prayer.

Fellow Conversation Participants

In this discussion, I'm joined by Allison Miller, Benji Hollis, and Thomas Horrocks.

For the video version and story harmonization, visit the following URL: https://www.jasonscottmontoya.com/personal/faith/564-betrayal-arrest-judas

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