Fit Vegan Success Story - Alana Mom of 2 and Nurse Lost 20 lbs of fat and is stronger than EVER


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Welcome to a new episode of The Fit Vegan Podcast! Today we have a very special episode, Fit Vegan Superstar Alana! She’s down 20 lbs of fat and is stronger than ever!

In This Episode, We Cover:

[00:00-09:00] Intro - How’s It Like Losing 20 Lbs Of Fat With A Very Busy Life And A Demanding Job? Alana Has All The Answers

[09:01-16:27] What Made Alana Want To Come To The Program And Lose That Extra Weight?

[16:28-21:38] Having Will Power, Being In Control Of Your Life And Creating Healthy Habits!

[21:39-24:45] Working Out With Kids And Being A Good Example!

[24:46-30:37] Sustainability Is Key! Introducing Vegan Dishes To The Family - The Importance Of Meal Prep!

[30:38-42:14] Everyone Has “Those Days”, But Life Still Goes On! You Have To Be Able To Show Up Even When It’s Inconvenient.

[42:15-46:15] What’s Next After Losing 20 Lbs? Keep Going!

[46:16-49:22] What Alana Would Say To A Previous Version Of Herself - You Are Deserving Of That Effort And That Love!

[49:23-51:52] Alana Is Only Starting And She’s Feeling Stronger Than Ever! Closing Statements.

Key Quotes:

“It’s built on so much more than just diet and exercise and it’s delivered with so much compassion and so much faith in the members” -Alana

“You have to be able to show up even when it’s inconvenient” -Maxime

My name is Maxime Sigouin; I am the founder of Fit Vegan Coaching and the Fit Vegan Blueprint program's creator. Where I help vegans get lean, toned, thrive, and become their best selves on a whole foods plant-based lifestyle.

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