How to Find Out What Your Clients Value


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Value pricing is the superior way of pricing your services, hands down. But…

“How do I come up with a value-based price when I don’t know what my client values?”

The thing about value is – it’s subjective.

You can’t see it, feel it, or measure it… and everyone values things differently.
“So, how do I work out what each client values?”

You need a system.

When you turn up to a client meeting armed with your system for uncovering value, you can sit back whilst they tell you all of the things they need and want (and will pay a high price for).

You then build those things into your package and give the client EXACTLY what they want.

And because you’ve built a package that is so amazing perfect for them, you can charge a high price.

They will CHOOSE to pay you that high price because you can offer them IMMENSE VALUE.

So, how do you go about uncovering the value in the first place…

We will cover that in today’s episode.

The latest episode of the Value Pricing Podcast is now available: How to Find Out What Your Clients Value

In today’s episode you will learn:
✅ 4 strategies for systematically uncovering what your clients value

✅ The Value Equation

✅ How to change your client’s perception of value

✅ A BONUS technique for getting the maximum price (and the most value for the client)

When you understand what your client values, you can ensure your solution is PERFECT for them. They will happily pay a higher price when they know they are getting EXACTLY what they want.

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