How to Create Effective Packages That Sell


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Ever been to McDonald’s? Ever bought a ‘Happy Meal’ for your kids?

It’s the perfect package meal – they get some chicken nuggets, chips, maybe some carrot sticks, a juice drink and a small toy, all wrapped up in a cute box with puzzles.

It’s totally perfect for the little ones!

Now, if McDonald’s marketed the ‘Happy Meal’ to adults, would you buy that happy meal for yourself?

I’m guessing not…
You probably aren’t bothered about the toy or the box with puzzles, and you might want a larger portion, or a burger instead of chicken nuggets.

This package does not appeal to you.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

When you create package offerings for your clients, you can’t just throw random stuff together and hope someone wants that assorted collection of services.

You need to think about what your ideal client wants and then create a package that is perfect for them.

When you offer a package that is designed specifically to meet their needs and serve them the best possible solution, they will pay you a high price for that.

The latest episode of the Value Pricing Podcast is now available: How to Create Effective Packages That Sell

In today’s episode you will learn:

✅ The 3 biggest mistakes accountants and bookkeepers make when creating their packages

✅ The 2 critical questions you must ask before creating your service offering

✅ What to put in your packages to make them more appealing

✅ Why taking things out of your package is more powerful that putting stuff in them

When you create your package with the client in mind you will end up creating the perfect solution for them – that’s valuable, and that’s what will get you a high price.

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