Calculating a Pricing Formula Using Regression Analysis


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You may have heard me say there is no magic formula for value pricing.

That’s true. There isn’t.

Value pricing is without a doubt the best way to price your services – but it takes time to implement, especially when you’re stuck up on using hourly rates.

But, we CAN break it down into baby steps.

And the first step towards value pricing is to give a fixed price up front.

Now for that… there IS a magic formula.

It’s called Regression Analysis.

It’s a way of using your current time-based pricing model to generate a fixed price upfront that will ensure you a profit every time.

All you need is a spreadsheet.

Ready to get started?

The latest episode of the Value Pricing Podcast is now available: Calculating a Pricing Formula Using Regression Analysis

In today’s episode you will learn:

✅ Why value pricing is hard (but the best pricing method out there)

✅ How to systematically calculate a profitable fixed price every time

✅ How to systematically adjust your prices to cover scope

✅ How to make the first step towards value pricing

Once you can confidently generate a fixed price up front, value pricing becomes FAR easier. Fixed pricing is not value pricing, but it’s the first step on the journey towards it.

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