Cast Your Cares on Him | Andy Elmes | Sunday 20th Feb 2022


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This week Pastor Andy talks about how God encourages us not to worry. Although we live in a time where anxiety and worry seem to be normal or portrayed as an accepted thing, God brings us words that cut through worry and anxiety, bringing peace in uncertain times, even if a storm is blowing!

We all need to let the words of Jesus Christ cut through worries, arrest anxieties, bringing peace and joy into our lives. The word of God is the manual from God of how we should live - written by men but it was inspired by God. His word is about bringing change to our lives in order that outside circumstances do not impact us as they might.

Matthew 6; 25-34 is the key scripture here. Jesus speaks to us, instructing us how to live our lives. Principally, He is speaking about us not worrying, rather – to concentrate on seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and then the Father will provide everything else we need. Although these words were spoken 2000 years back, they are just as relevant today. Key points are:-

  • Three times in these verses we are told not to worry (and God does not waste words!)
  • Natural daily things are spoken of – clothing, eating etc
  • God the creator positions us with great worth – much more than the birds of the air, the mountains, and fields. We must understand our worth in God’s eyes!
  • Verse 31 tells us not to worry about what we eat etc…..what we say comes from what we believe in our hearts. Let the words of Jesus Christ bring faith, hope and security, cutting through storms and winds trying to grab our attention with fear
  • Let us not compare ourselves to pagans or unsaved
  • Fundamentally the passage commands us to seek first the Kingdom of God, right relationship with God, concentrating on being a citizen of His kingdom, walking in daily relationship with him, having a healthy prayer, live knowing His Word. He promises that if we do this, then everything we need will be added to our lives.

Psalm 23 equally reminds us of how we are his sheep, the sheep of His pasture. He is our Shepherd, His role is to feed, lead and provide what we need. Our role is to rest and trust what our Shepherd is doing in the day that we find ourselves in. Even if things come to harm us, God says that he lays a table for us in the presence of our enemies. This life comes from trusting in God. So what are we to do with all these daily worries and cares? In 1 Peter 5v7, scripture speaks of us casting our anxiety on Him because He cares for us.

Today is a good time to remember these things. As we live in a world dispensing worry and fear taking away the hearts of people, let us sit at the feet of our Father with confidence saying ‘Father, thank you that you have promised to meet my daily needs today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my days’.

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