38. Two very important ideas to improve life and therapy sessions!


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Before I get to this episode, Liza and I discuss the new movie Top Gun. I was very impressed and I want to do a show or series on the realism of this particular movie. I think it would be fun to educate people about what they saw (fighter pilot stuff) and discuss ideas in the movie that I think people would be interested in. More to follow on that! The fighter pilot in me has been fired up!

Now back to the show..

In this episode Liza and I talk about two very important ideas. These ideas are about telling the truth and the deadly compares we do every day. Telling the truth is discussed specifically in the context of a therapy session. The idea of comparing is more a discussion about how to curb this habit that can be very destructive. How can we make changes and feel good about it? Comparison is one of the thoughts that tells us we are way far from our goal and the task is just too hard. Don't listen. There is a better comparison tool that can help!

In this show we will answer questions about

-Is shielding information from your therapist a good idea? No.

-What if I feel like I can't tell my therapist the truth? Houston we have a problem.

-Is it normal to compare our lives to other people? Yes.

-How do we curb or change this human habit of comparing?

-How can I stay more positive when making changes or working on a goal?

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