Charting in medicine is actually neutral


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Charting is neutral.

It’s because we can each have different thoughts about it.

It restores a certain amount of agency and empowerment so that you can choose how you want to take that next step in your life. Join me in this episode as we take a moment and think about how you can finish your charting at work.

Finishing that charting at work involves achieving a level of charting mastery. It's not about getting to a level where you say, “I am a super user.” It's about getting to a point where you can finish work at work, go home to be present with family and friends, and pursue other interests outside work. All those priorities are intentional and have the margin of what matters to you. Learn more in this episode.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:00] Episode intro

[03:09] Today's focus; Why Charting in medicine may not feel neutral, but it really is

[03:18] My journey in clinical residency and experiences in charting

[05:50] Circumstances in medicine that can lead to stress

[08:10] Feel overwhelmed, and don't run away

[08:57] A case scenario- how a perspective of two doctors with pending chats

[12:40] It comes down to choices

[14:40] Do you want to make a change?

[16:30] How to start considering the charting as neutral

[18:35] Wrap up and calls to action

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