Your future begins with a thought


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We all have thoughts about what we want our future to look like.

From childhood, we have had dreams of what we want to be and an ideal future that we hope to bring to reality. Maybe it was getting into a given specialty, a particular job, or getting into dating. It could be anything, but it required taking action to move forward.

It is all about pursuing the desired future feeling. Our future starts with a thought of where we’re and where we want to be.

Going out there and putting on our future identity will help us to make progress and ultimately get there. Be who you say you are, what you want to be, and it will help you pursue actions that lead you to the results that you are looking for.

Join the conversation with your host Dr. Ryan Stegink as he shares more about how your future and changing the future of medicine starts with a thought.

Tune in!

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:00] Introduction to the show

[02:55] Today's focus: How Your Future Begins With A Thought

[04:05] Pursuing the desired future feeling

[04:23] Working through the uncomfortable feeling of ‘I don’t know.’

[06:32] Going out and acting your future dream and identity

[07:21] Setting goals and putting yourself into the future that you want

[09:23] Pursuing actions that lead us to the results that we are looking for

[11:48] Embracing the challenges in your journey to grow

[12:44] You have a choice, and it starts with what you are thinking

[14:06] Be a part of helping change medicine; it starts with a thought

[15:09] Ending the show and call to action

Notable Quotes
  • Our future starts with a thought of where we’re and where we want to go
  • Going out and acting on your future identity will help you to make progress and ultimately get there.
  • Put yourself into the future state that you desire
  • Wherever you want to go, you can choose your next thought to help you move forward

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