How money mindset and financial literacy advance physician wellness with Dr Elisa Chiang


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As a physician, managing your finances can be surprisingly easy to do, but more often, finances tend to fall into the 'important but not urgent category. For most of us, this means it's something we don't want to stress over too much, which makes it easy for us to put our heads in the sand and think that it’s going to be okay.

Financial health is key to achieving goals in your wellness, so it's time to move beyond the self-imposed excuses and create time for your everyday financial responsibilities. Learn how to sit down and look at your income, your expenses, and ways to cut back on things that are not important.

Practice intentionality not just in your clinical practice but also in your finances by spending money based on your values, not blindly.

Join the conversation with Dr. Elisa Chiang as she shares financial literacy and money mindset tools that will help you optimize your financial wellness. Dr. Chiang is an Ophthalmologist and fellowship-trained Oculoplastic surgeon and life coach. As a coach, she primarily works with healthcare professionals to help them master their money mindset so that they can build wealth and practice medicine on their own terms. Dr. Chiang offers one-on-one coaching on overcoming burnout, achieving new goals, personal finances, and overcoming blocks towards investing. She also has a new podcast “The Grow Your Wealthy Mindset Podcast

Tune in for the rest of the conversation!

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:00] Introduction to the show

[02:20] A bit about today’s guest, Dr. Elisa Chiang

[03:03] Dr. Chiang's journey through medical training

[04:34] How real estate investment has played out in Dr. Chiang's career

[08:55] The knowledge and financial gaps in young attendances coming out of residency

[15:55] How Dr. Chiang found coaching and how it got her out of burnout

[17:50] Leaving versus finding your ideal way to practice medicine

[20:20] Changing your mindset to stay efficient and connect with patients

[21:45] Pursuing financial wellness and how it pairs with dealing with burnout and self-care

[23:27] Dr. Chiang's advice on why a financial advisor might be unnecessary

[27:31] Practical tips on how to grow in your financial knowledge

[29:39] How to reach out and learn more about Dr. Chiang

[30:06] Ending the show and call to action

Notable Quotes

  • If you’re trying to get financial freedom without enjoying the right now, that is not true security.
  • There are things that are urgent and things that are important, but most of us spend time on things that are urgent but not important, and we ignore things that are important but not urgent.
  • No one cares about your money more than you do
  • Invest in your own financial education

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*Elisa Chiang would like to amend her statement from the podcast, Warren Buffet actually recommends investing in an S&P low cost index fund, not a total US market Index fund.

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