How closed loop communication impacts efficiency and quality in medicine


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Closed-loop communication matters in patient care, reducing errors and helping teamwork with communication and workflow, particularly in situations where there is increased variability. It ensures that the message is properly received by exposing deficiencies that we may have in describing what we heard, which can reflect distraction, confusing terms, or different literacy levels. Using closed-loop communication will not only save you from making errors but also creates an opportunity to teach and empower your medical teams to know why they are doing certain things rather than just following protocols.

Join the conversation with your host Dr. Ryan Stegink as he shares more about closed-looped communication, how you can make a difference in your patient care, and how you experience your critical workflows.

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Introduction to the show

[01:52] Today’s focus: Workflow optimization

[03:03] Lessons from Dr. Ryan closed-loop communication with his realtor

[04:54] What is closed-loop communication

[06:39] Where you should use closed-loop communication

[09:36] When to use closed-loop communication and why it matters

[11:43] Changing how you engage with others and feel about your job

[12:16] Ending the show and call to action

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Notable Quotes

  • When things really matter, having a shared understanding that is accurate is important.
  • Closed loop communication helps create a shared understanding of a situation and the request being made.
  • Closed loop communication promotes safety and supports wellness
  • Providing good care that is more efficient and empowering empowers self, staff, and colleagues to be human beings who have input and feel heard.

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