Ep 26 The 5 Stages of DTC and E-commerce Advertising


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We are excited to welcome Samir Balwani, CEO of QRY to The E-commerce Revolution Podcast. QRY, is a media strategy, buying, and data analytics company focused on DTC brands. Samir will be breaking down the 5 stages of DTC and e-commerce advertising. If you are a growing DTC e-commerce brand, this is a must-watch episode.

TIME STAMPS 00:00 Intro 05:10 QRY Audit 07:15 where did QRY come from? 09:05 5 stages of DTC 10:00 Stage 1 - Product Market Fit 13:00 Stage 2 - Building intial brand awareness 14:40 Building Community 18:00 Better to go out of stock than out of business 19:00 Stage 3 - Starting to scale paid advertising 21:00 How to manage break even with clients 22:10 MER 27:50 testing plan 28:50 Analytics 28:40 Stage 5 - Consistent growth & scale 30:00 Stage 4 - Driving incremental awareness 32:05 AI platforms 32:23 what happens to an organization at Stage 5? 34:35 Stage 5 spikes 36:20 Stage 0 - what would you tell a new business to start? 40:05 Core Values 40:35 Rapid Fire questions

REFERENCES QRY - https://www.weareqry.com/ SKU Agency - Gatsby - https://www.gatsby.ai/ Samir's LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/samirbalwani/


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