Flame Tree Barbecue Dining Gardens


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Soundscapes: Flame Tree Barbecue Dining Gardens


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To meander through a garden, listening to the babbling water, entranced by the delicate dance of the birds and butterflies…is a moment that instantly calms me. Helps me enter into a more contemplative, even meditative state. It seems to untie the spiritual or emotional knot that I didn't even notice was there. But now it's better. Just taking a moment to be -- to really be -- in this space and just be Here. I feel the same way when I'm hiking in the hills, walking through a forest, or even just sitting at the edge of a pond in my neighborhood. It feels nice to just be, even if only for a moment. To take a moment to pause, to step away, and to be Here With The Magic.

Walt Disney wholeheartedly believed that our ability to experience joy, happiness, hopefulness, and peace could be found more generously in nature than in any other context or setting. It's no so surprise, then, that the man who would create and later inspire the building of so many themed experiences around the world, most known for their E ticket attractions, would also be deliberate in ensuring that more nature-oriented spaces would find a home in the parks -- offering an oasis in the midst of the more thrilling adventures being experienced just steps away.

Today we enjoy the tranquility of the dining gardens of Flame Tree Barbecue. The first time I visited, I was struck by the juxtaposition of it all. How could a place with this name play host to such a restorative space. But it does. Veiled in the smoky, enticing aroma of a summertime barbecue, this place, loosely inspired by Balinese gardens, is actually perfect for a picnic or an afternoon of relaxation.

Like the guests dining here, tropical birds find sustenance by the water’s edge, their vibrant hues and harmonies reflected in the rhythms and flowers all around us. Glances of sunlight peek through the leaves rustling gently in a mild breeze. In the distance, we hear the melody and percussion of passing character flotillas -- Animal Kingdom's water-based version of a cavalcade.

Away from the crammed queues and itineraries of digital genies, this is a place that invites a breath, a pause, a lull in the action in favor of, well, absolutely nothing.

A richly overgrown garden, hidden away in the heart of Walt Disney World, preserved for the joy-seekers and the finders, keepers - the ones who know that Magic can come from anywhere, and the ones who desire more than anything to be Here.

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