Disneyland Forever


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Just imagine…if you were standing right Here over sixty years ago, you’d be standing in the middle of an orange grove. Rows upon rows of lush, fragrant trees as far as the eye can see. Once upon a time, a man named Walt Disney walked through this very grove and admired the sunlight peeking through the branches, the bright-floral scent, the sprawling vastness of it all…

He walked, and he admired, and he imagined what it could be. But instead of seeing the forest for the trees, he saw a castle with gleaming spires. He saw snow-capped mountains, tropical hideaways, and winding rivers. He envisioned a place that would preserve the tangible beauty of the natural world, intertwined with the fantasy, hope and adventure of a fairytale come to vivid life. He began to sketch in his mind’s eye a place where dreamers of all ages could find light in the darkness, joy in the journey, and Magic in every moment.

And so Disneyland was realized from that place of pause. From a quiet moment of reflection came generations of incomprehensible joy, laughter, memories, and inspiration.

Today, we celebrate that unlikely beginning, and the timeless narrative that is still being written Here inside this living storybook. We come together beneath the stars to swim through oceans and fly off to Neverland, to travel across the Pridelands and sail across frozen fjords in search of the incomparable feeling of joyful nostalgia.

Disneyland is a haven for the childlike spirit, a place to feel carefree when the strains of the world are heavy. It is a place to find Walt's promise evermore fulfilled - that all who come to this happy place will find Magic in abundance.

And on this Magic night, as a spell of glimmering, shimmering light and color dances across the sky, we are reminded of that humble orange grove. We call to mind for a moment the unforgettable person who walked between the trees that once stood in this very space, and imagined something that would be forever known to generations of dreamers as Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth.

Be Here, and step into the Magic.

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