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knightsphere Origins

Lesson 1

1 ((Knightsphere the origin of the gods))

The world was lifeless and grey.

Till the goddess sin'vella moored from clay.

a replacement to the crystal life of elcandmore.

This life she showered with love and law.

Their were three rules that bound humanities being three she implore.

Never seek to defy the gods her children she said.

Never seek to be more than you are let none who are greater be bled.

And leave the forgotten one where he stand.

The unbound devourer Lorathand.

But humanity was a thickle beast.

Seeking power over the ether they tried to free the beast.

thirteen souls were remade.

as power over life was then displayed.

Sin'vella betrayed by her children all.

Gods great evil and humanity the small.

She would be imprisoned in his place.

SO that gods might be worshipped a sad disgrace.

2 (expression/Knightsphere origin of the gods part 2)

Poetry or rather writing of any kind.

Is the freedom to express yourself unwind.

why not i figured write about life or site.

| had nothing else going on in the dark recesses of the night.

maybe you wont think theres anything to gleam.

or that im boring in the extreme.

but the next is the origin of the gods part 2.

A dream myself and Michael shared a world we would make though this is something new.

Peace brother i began this for you.

Knightsphere the origin of the gods part 2.

Sin'vella spoiled her children with glee.

But Ornaias had began to close his heart you see.

Sin'vella had felt a change in the tide.

Whilst Ornaias and Kaertao spied.

Sin'Vella Planned for a great undertaking.

Unaware her sons currently spying were faking.

The wheel of Alarv'ael had began to turn.

Fate made of mockery of The mother of gods unknown and betrayed she'd been spurn.

Ornaias heart became black.

When the mortals were given "his" Castym a world back.

You see The gods were once able to do as they please.

But as Sin'vella envisioned a world of order and Ornaias heart freeze.

Kaertao was always with his older brother in the day.

For the God Of Sky was oft incomplete without the wind.

Ornaias had persuaded the Goddess of sun Surtayria her mother had truly sinned.

As he said thats why she separated her from her twin sister Mortayria creating night and day.

A spiteful goddess who hates her children he went on to say.

It cannot continue we must stand this no ploy.

Her first born all given jobs overseeing her favourite toy.

Ornaias roared No more of that!

The mortals will serve us order restored he spat!.

(Knightsphere Origin of the Gods part 3 death of a dream)

Dream was always an outcast of her siblings.

Little freak'o Morocai they called her.

For good or ill.

She would defend her mother still.

Seeing into ornaias heart.

She sought to stop his corruption his ego at the start.

passing the sea of mortal souls.

Chained in the tower fuelling it magically for Ornaias's goals.

Morocai Recoiled in disgust.

And Screamed at ornaias You've gone mad with power brother this is Lust.

For one who claims to see all.

You are truly blind blood dripped from her mouth she bit down hard it left like drool.

Coming from The great dream who saw nothing at all.

You bow and cow toe to mother the least of us without these things your nothing none to rule.

Ill power the soul engine as i see fit.

The humans are needed for the future dream and you've not seen it.

You only see the physical i see within.

I've seen you brother and lying to the others serving that something born of Sin.

I see all and the misdeeds perpetrated by you and the others and they are heinous in deed.

I've seen inside you Ornaias its not noble its greed.

Morocai went for a crystal she had tucked away.

As the room shook with power the floor gave way.

The god of dream float there still.

Rushing towards her brother rushing to kill.

4 (The Battle Of Visions)

The crystal ball came into vision.

Morocai threw it upon the ground causing a division.

She sprang from debris that floated with her.

out of the smoke her staff Zephyr.

Flipping forward into a roll.

She met ornaias by the steel bowl.

Blade clashed against staff.

As he said sister...he laugh.

an evil grin he used sorceries like cosmic causality.

And then he pulled fourth into reality.

Something from the abyss she did not see.

A blackened scaled hound.

Its red eyes were offset by metallic claws as it pounced through smoke taking her to the ground.

Dream...Morocai fought the beast and bled.

Its fangs in her back it is said.

Sky began to darken as dream die.

Mortayria Herself had shone her light.

Trying to pull dream from the fight.

Until a cruel fate Alarv'ael stepped in.

Stabbing both in the back with a gleeful grin.

he span the wheel as they die.

No more night only day sat in the sky.

5 Knightsphere Choir of pain

Chains made of Aetheric energies made to capture.

The prisoners of Ornaias Gone to rapture.

The pain engines to which the souls were a tether.

was part of a counter ritual that was very clever.

The undertaking would fail it was divine.

And give rise to the first demon Kyne.

The Ether realm would be born.

Dark from light then torn.

As Castym was made alive.

Souls torn from a realm of unreality made to strive.

Demons tried to rebuild there realm over centuries with slaughter.

But souls would always drain like a hole in a cup of water.

Humans sung in pained cries of anguish.

Psychic backlash making the lifegiving energy of the undertaking languish.

Souls of humans became solid matter.

Some grew tall as bones clicked but did not shatter.

They bore the bodies of something new.

History tells us this is true.

Consult the Espierian Empires lomnai if you must.

But my dear readers the empire provides please place your trust.

Light begets the dark.

We must expunge the taint of both before wars spark.

I Orlai Vakderbran calls a recess.

We return in due to time to start the lesson in Vedecess.

yes that's right the next lesson will be told from the City of light.

The towering Crystal spires that evoke dawns might.

Lesson 2

(The Origin Of the Ether and the realm of magic)

5 (Lesson 2 The origin of The ether The realm of Magic)

Vedecess Had stone walls atop was a circular dome shape that arched

This impossible structure was built by many leaving most throats parched.

It bore runic symbols to the mother god.

Atop the dome arch was a pole like rod.

It pointed To the ether gate.

It was indestructible problem spawning demons which The espireian empire began to hate.

There were Curtains behind the podium tied up behind Knight statues in stances.

With alleyway like entrances.

there were jewels literal jewels etched in wall.

Mosaics that showed the mother gods feats great and small.

Orlai Vakderbran took stage atop a podium and read from a large book.

Each syllable read with vigour each sentence with the passion he brook.

he spoke "The Ether was a tainted realm children its true".

"The Xurach Devils would not want the enlightened to see through"

Turn to page one of lesson two.

Yes I see you now read and pray you speak true.

6 (Kyne's chidren a question of fate)

Kyne sat bowing to his creator.

impressed he'd created a life and had been taken to Oranaias to became the instigator.

He asked Kyne to cast his corrupting touch on.

All the mortals make them awaken his gene father with that he was gone.

Kyne released his harp.

ears of humans perking up feeling rage with each e sharp.

Kyne had lead them then to the abyssal cage.

The thirteen affected committed fire to the wards page.

their corporeal bodies opening the gate....

souls poured fourth with hate.

Disintegrating their bodies the thirteen became the unbound.

Taking a portion of the power of Lotharand.

The pieces of strength gone like time sand.

It would be eons before his full strength returned.

But he swore he would see this world burned.

Sin'vella tried to stop the beast at that moment.

But blinded by Surtayria and burning.

she blindly swung turning.

Kicked by fate she fell into the abyssal cage.

The gods gave one almighty push turning the page.

"Thirteen lie bound for eternity When the twelve came they were freed.

pacts were made lives were chained soon this world would bleed".

chuckled Alarv'ael mirthfully as he span his wheel.

Something unknown to the others he turned heel.

Removing slowly the seals holding his mother.

Was this for power or did he love her?.

A question Many espierian scholars ponder to this day some to their grave .

When the goddess returns will it be because fate wish to save?.

A child in the precession asks "Is fate good or bad Orlai?"

To which the Orlai not knowing the answer replied in his way.

"Fate is both a positive and negative depends what the wheel says on the day"

The child tried not to fidget scratching her head but could not stay.

She shouted "You dont know?"

willing the others that they should go.

But the Orlai said "we have more stories more mystery".

"Stay brave souls learn our history".

7 Therimac the first King

The Orlai came and sat by The girl and spoke as if nursing a cold.

Though the child innocent and not very old.

he continued the tales on a dark road.

not knowing if the girls parents he would goad.

The Espierian Kingdom was founded by Therimac.

Who lead the greatest espierian Xisegris to attack.

It was the against a Aetheric Lord a great devourer beast.

It had eight arms and came from the Djinn in the east.

It had devoured villages every soul.

Its maw wide emptying the land its goal.

But Therimac from wherever he came.

Had lead Xisegris and his pack after that the land was not the same.

Hailed a hero among men he created the Esperian Kingdom and its black marble throne.

He reign for centuries unknown how but he reigned alone.

He sought a bride but the battle had left him scarred and disfigured.

Any bride brought to him was immediately triggered.

so violent was their repulsion some said the king bore a curse.

Till he grew sick and wed the most beautiful nurse.

She bore him a single son who reigns even still.

His name was Kaine the immortal emperor we live through his divine will.

Celine the the little girl had said...

"I dont like him he's bossy" her face red.

The Orlai shocked warned Celine to "quiet down".

The Praevotis watch all even in town.

Knightsphere An Esperian Empire History part 2.

8. Birth of an empire part 1.

Kaine of course was far to young to rule.

So that fell to the mad steward Ogrud the wolf king who was cruel.

The wolf kings madness

I sit upon my throne of polished black marble.

Giving knights orders my voice a garble.

The white marble floor polished to perfection.

In my pristine kingdom here than can be no election.

few call me a tyrant the ones that do disappear.

i wonder if anything can be so clear.

i am my kingdoms brightest wolf.

my blackened armour my chain coif.

I strut down the red carpet i only see what i wish.

as the cook brings out my latest dish.

i have my wife sample it.

for if it is poison she can spit.

i am he which no sword strikes.

the heads of my enemies rot on spikes.

few can see the lonely king.

the trumpets sound over a distant wars ding.

Kalithrax does not spit this day.

I wish and hope hope and pray.

ive see nthe look in her eyes.

to me i know she does despise.

my son grows older.

as i grow colder.

i know that one day i will have to scold her.

i move between my son and wife taking out my dark lit knife.

a demon i call him as i take his life.

Kalithrax in anger she will not obey.

i have no place for prisoners today.

but my men my puppets do not move to aid me.

they are ready to betray you see.

its not the end i formulated a plan you see for the future of my realm.

I shall dive at her once more i shall wear my battle helm.

as i fight battles once more.

knowing ill not live to see this glorious war.

i enter the forest of the lost.

to find out if killing my weakling son was worth the cost.

As we were later to find out Kaine did not die.

His body self resurrected.

The phoenix king who at that time was widely respected.

9. Birth of an empire part 2.

Kaine people whispered was chosen by sin'vella.

others said demons of the ether.

As jealousy grew.

Kaine ignored all for true.

He had granted new status's to the only person he trust.

His mother was given the kingdom of Hasque kaine knew he must.

Kalithrax lead hasque but the changes she had made over the years.

had left men of the empire with many fears.

"women as knights this is propostrous".

Said many an advisor which made Kaine furious.

He would not betray his mother who had fought and bled.

killing the steward claiming his head.

but....alas things came to an end.

When Kaine proclaimed himself an "emperor" and refused women knights Kalithrax would not pretend.

She said " My son you are most unwise women can be warriors look at my peoples formations battle lines"

Kaine had sent messenger that he was insulted.

His mother he had told many had already revolted.

His word was absolute.

any who disagree he would execute.

Birth of an empire part 3 the matriarchy of hasques succession war.

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