Allen David Reed On Understanding Ourselves & Reconnecting To Who We Truly Are.


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“If you want to get to the lightest light, you’ve got to start out with the darkest dark.” '

In this Episode i connect with Allen David Reed, the Co-Creator of the "Ten Terrains of Consciousness."

The Ten Terrains model is a map of consciousness that guides us on how to better connect to ourselves, others, and the world around us.

In his earlier years, Allen felt misunderstood and disconnected from his family, he described it to be as though there was a friction between an inner knowing he had, and the outer need to belong and to fit in.

This friction caused an internal tug-of-war which was the catalyst leading him through a lifelong journey of self-discovery.

At 21, Allen became the youngest ever architect in the history of the profession, he was licensed even before he graduated college.

"I was a product of everybodies approval of me, because i was all of these things they wanted on the outside."

Even poised as being the rising star of the profession, he realised that the decisions he had made were shaped on the values and beliefs of his family, rather than the deeper pull of his spirit, which was yearning for him to become witness to a deeper calling that emanated from within.

"I was overachieving because i was trying to prove to the world i was ok, because within myself i didn't feel i was ok, i was raised to not believe in myself."

Allen talks about why it's important to trust our own instincts. We often believe that the answer to our problems can be solved through an external event or object, but in reality it's just a self perpetuating cycle that never fulfills us.

Allen explains that our purpose is linked to what is most meaningful to us within our lives, and this is something that is sourced from within.

When we begin to honour what arises within us and begin the journey of learning to accept and value ourselves, we open up the door to a new world of possibility - which allows for love to the be the dominant force within our lives.

"You never left who you are, you never have, and we're all at the same point universally."

We also delve into Allens book "The Ten Terrains Of Consciousness: which helps us understand the way in which we see and experience the world.

He describes that once we are aware of the terrain in which we inhabit, we are better able to understand our ourselves, our purpose, our life lessons and the deeper meaning behind the challenges we experience within our lives.

This understanding then enables us to make decisions which lead to a healthy and fulfilling life in all areas.

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