Episode 26: Guest SRNA Sara Conner: What is it like to be a parent in CRNA School?


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Are you holding yourself back from CRNA school because you’ve got a family? Navigating school while raising little ones and maintaining happy family relationships can certainly be challenging, but it’s not impossible!

Today, we are joined by Sara Conner, a first-year SRNA who is absolutely KILLIN’ it! Even with 3 young children, Sara is thriving in her program and at home, while investing in herself by not putting off her dream.

In this episode, Sara shares her insights and lessons, including:

  • The biggest mindset shifts she has had to make along the way (including ditching the perfectionism at home AND in school)

  • Key strategies for navigating the costs of school while still taking care of their family

  • Creating a schedule and arranging childcare in a way that makes space for her school work

  • The vital importance of a strong support system and asking for help when you need it

  • How she’s passing on a legacy of working toward your dreams to her children (and why you shouldn’t listen to the horror stories!)

So go grab your kiddos and listen to today’s episode together, future CRNA! You’ve got this!

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