Ep 153: The Business Side of Anesthesia


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There’s no doubt that anesthesia is a big business but not every CRNA pays attention to that side of the profession. It might not be something you’re immediately interested in, but it’s important to help you understand your true value as a CRNA. Today we’re going to ask Tracy Young, MSNA, MBA, CRNA, the CEO of YPS Anesthesia, about a number of important topics involving the business side of anesthesia and what the future might hold as the industry evolves.

Read more: https://beyondthemaskpodcast.com/ep-153-the-business-side-of-anesthesia/3060/

About our guest: https://ypsanesthesia.com/

Get the CE certificate here: https://beyondthemaskpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Beyond-the-Mask-CE-Cert-FILLABLE.pdf

What we discuss in this episode:

2:41 – Excited for our guest today

3:58 – Background on Tracy

6:00 – How much the business has grown

7:42 – Trials and successes

9:56 – CRNAs that want to build a business

12:41 – Other areas he’s interested in beyond anesthesia

18:47 – How COVID has changed hospitals and health facilities

22:57 – Creating a great workplace

28:12 – Flexible models

30:12 – 1099 vs W-2

36:45 – Advice for healthcare insurance

39:17 – Understanding your value

45:14 – Cost-effectiveness of CRNAs

50:46 – Future for CRNAs

54:45 – What scares him the most about the future

56:36 – Lightning round

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