MGoPodcast 12.28: Figurative Cows


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1 hour and 37 minutes

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1. Recapping UCLA

starts at 1:00

Shot quality disparity was huge, so the difference was really luck of the Juzang. Livers absence was noticeable because he’s your bucket man. Go down the line: Austin Davis and Hunter Dickinson are 50% at the rim. Missing 5 straight free throws. Wagner going 1/9 from the floor. Game-winning play gets Franz screamingly wide open and he hits nothing. Most flagrant hook and hold not called since the rule was put in place. Dickinson got scouted to death: right shoulder!

[The rest of the writeup and the player after THE JUMP]

2. Who’s Returning and Transfer Portal?

starts at 14:26

We think Eli is coming back, and Chaundee Brown is 50/50, expect the rest to go. Eli really helps where they have holes next year—if he was a great creator that would be even more. Don’t want to recruit over your guys, so if they can’t get back Chaundee might as well roll with the freshmen and see which can play. Haven’t ruled out Mike Smith (expected to sign in Chicago) or Austin Davis, but he’d have to take a 3rd role.

3. What’s Back for Next Year: Frontcourt

starts at 23:38

Dickinson should get more effective, more patient, develop more post moves. Moussa Diabate at the very least should be a monster defensive center and play 30 minutes between the 5 and 4. Switchable terror, vertical terror, has an outside shot and can put the ball on the floor. In case of emergency Johns can chip in but he’s your 4 we think. See some Williams if his outside shot comes around, especially with Dickinson. Not seeing Tschetter yet but Houstan could do some 4 as well. He’s your new Livers: shoot, play D, has some athleticism that makes him a top-10 recruit. Alternatives if no Chaundee: Isaiah Barnes—GRIII-2. Jace Howard: And ones!

4. Raw Takes and What’s Back for Next Year: Backcourt

starts at 44:51

Eli will have this team organized on both ends of the floor, strong defensive player especially when there’s a wing-sized guy like Smith next to him instead of another floor-bound dude. Frankie Collins is Smith-sized but bouncy, super-explosive, deadly in the open floor, radiates winner. Similar to Zavier Simpson there’s a shooting issue, but he’s not a set shotter like X so that could come around. Zeb Jackson needs to take the wheel—Michigan’s best case scenario is if he turns into a starter. Kobe Bufkin and Isaiah Barnes are two freshman shots at a SG who’s just a shooter. Bufkin is a big riser, combo guard size, can be a secondary playmaker, gives you a chance at a Dwayne Washington, though Washington needed another year. Where does the creation come from?


  • "Things Change"—Black Heat
  • “Life”—The Walters
  • “In the Garden”—Real Estate
  • “Across 110th Street”

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