The Secret To Successful Investments W/ Bret Rosenthal


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In this episode, I sit down with Bret Rosenthal, founder of the ARMR report, to discuss how to make successful investments, and how to build wealth through intelligent investing.
Right now, it’s no secret that the world seems very unstable. For investors, it can seem like a scary time to put money into something.
But rather than simply hold on to your cash, you can still invest. And you can still end up with great returns on your investments. You just need to go about it the right way. Like, say, a hedge fund.
You see, there's a reason why hedge funds tend to make successful investments and outperform individual investors. It's because they're always taking different positions and different sides. They know how to build wealth because they understand intelligent investing. It doesn't matter if it's a bull or a bear market.
Whereas for individual investors, they find an idea that they want to invest in, and use their portfolio as a basket to see if it works. Hedge funds don't do that. They put the idea on a whiteboard first, and do exhaustive research BEFORE they invest.
The ARMR report helps individuals learn to invest almost like when you do in hedge funds. With it, you can have the research you need to help you become better at investing, get rid of the emotions, and rely on the best available algorithms for informed decisions.
Anyone can learn how to build wealth and make successful investments regardless of the market conditions, especially with a tool like the ARMR report. It allows you to navigate any kind of financial environment, and always come out ahead.
Watch until the end as I discuss intelligent investing with Bret Rosenthal.

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