The 12 Extraordinary & Eye-Opening Stages of Near-Death Experiences


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Episode 4 of Season 8 on Afterlife TV: Near-death experiences are extraordinary journeys where ordinary people die (temporarily) and travel into the spirit world before coming back to the physical world. My investigation of the afterlife, coupled with my interviews of many near-death experiencers, have revealed 12 eye-opening stages most people go through during their near-death experiences. And this is the fascinating subject of today’s episode. As one amazing example of these stages, I play a clip of one person’s near-death experience that occurred during a visit to her dentist. Her story is both comforting and enlightening, and her message at the end is worth listening to by itself. All the photos in the video were taken by the ever-loving and beautiful, Melissa (my wife), so thanks to her for that. I’m happy to have learned how Melissa’s photos have brought beauty and peace to your listening. I appreciate you letting us know. And thank you for listening and welcoming me back for this new season of the show — Season 8. I’m glad you’re enjoying it once again. Please send me a comment wherever you like to communicate with me:, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or iTunes. Much love, Bob Olson ~ & SHOW NOTES: TO WATCH This Show, Visit OR YOUTUBE: TO LISTEN as a podcast on iTunes: THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR: Best Psychic Directory (all psychics and mediums personally chosen by Bob Olson) For AFTERLIFE TV Episodes About NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES: LANI LEARY'S Near-Death Experience (the full interview): ANSWERS ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE AUDIOBOOK NOW AVAILABLE! ALAN ADELBERG: Voice of The Magic Mala & Answers About the Afterlife audiobooks .......................................... The Magic Mala: A Story That Changes Lives (paperback, Kindle & audiobook) Magic Mala Moments - Did you have a magical moment after reading The Magic Mala? Share your stories and read others' experiences: Answers About the Afterlife BEST PSYCHIC DIRECTORY (sponsor): BOB'S AUTHOR WEBSITE Answers About the Afterlife & The Magic Mala .......................................... AFTERLIFE TV NEWSLETTER - Don't miss new episodes! Get notified. TELL YOUR AFTERLIFE STORY for Afterlife TV: iTunes PODCAST (leave a review of the show, please): Get an INSTANT READING - No Waiting (Bob Olson’s site):

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