Scavenger Inc - Interview with Christian Laursen


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Scavenger was one of the most exciting game development houses to come out of the mid-90's. Formed from the roots of the amiga hacking and demo scene, their Zyrinx team would push the SEGA Genesis to the limit and they would also demonstrate the polygon-pushing power of its 32X add-on before setting their sights on Saturn.

With an E3 booth that stole the show and took the games industry by storm, they became media darlings and secured a 4-game contract with game publishing newcomer GT Interactive. Investing early in motion-capture new graphics rendering techniques like voxels, nurbs, tessellation and light maps, they aimed to push Saturn farther than anyone had previously thought possible...

However, their deal with GT would prove to be their undoing, as the fast-growing publisher refused to pay for games it had taken delivery of. Through endless litigation, Scavenger ran out of funds and had no choice but to leave several works-in-progress behind as they were forced to permanently close their doors...

Follow SHIRO! on this amazing journey, as Dave & Patrick sit down with Scavenger co-founder, Christian Laursen, for an interview that digs deep into the company's history, from its time in the spotlight to its fading into obscurity...

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