Rush's Timeless Wisdom - This Is What Happens When Republicans Talk to the Media


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RUSH: Snerdley actually reminded me of this in the break. When the Republicans won the House in 1994, they had their orientation at Camden Yards, the ballpark in Baltimore. I was invited to address the freshman class of the 1994 Republican congressional caucus, because those freshmen members in large part thought that I was responsible for their victory given the program at the time and discussing their candidacies all over the country and so forth. They made me an honorary member of the freshman class of 1994, actually ’95 when they were inaugurated. They asked me to come down and make a speech to them. I went down there to the Camden Yards. This was on C-SPAN, and I got up, and one of the things I said to them was, ?Do not fall for the temptation that the media here in this town is happy that you won and happy that you’re here. They are not. This is a Democrat-run town. It’s a liberal-run town, and you have gotten in the way of the natural order of things — and as such, you are going to be treated accordingly. You are going to continue to be treated, really, as the minority.?

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