Rush's Timeless Wisdom - The Democrats Have Undermined the Integrity of Our Elections


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Sep 23, 2020

RUSH: These people, meaning the Democrats, their refusal to accept the results of 2016, they still haven’t, folks. They are still out pushing the idea that Trump stole that election with the Russians. They are still pushing.

They have done more to tarnish the reputation, the image, the sanctity of the American electoral system than any saboteur could. The Democrat Party has done more to ruin the perceived honesty and integrity of our electoral process than anything Vladimir Putin could. And it’s a shame because there is no way — and I want you to listen to me here — there is no way to rig a presidential election the way they are claiming Trump did.

Now, you would need a really close election where the Democrats could say we need an additional 50,000 votes in Cook County or we need an additional 80,000 in West Virginia, and you delay closing in those places and you manufacture the votes.

But to go in and rig the election before Election Day to make sure that no matter what happens your guy is gonna win, it’s not possible folks. It simply isn’t possible and no less than Barack Hussein Obama has made this point. And yet the Democrat Party has done everything it can to make people in this country believe that’s exactly what happened, that the Russians wanted Trump, and so they made it happen. And that Trump knew about it and helped them and worked with them.

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