Is Your Online Business Legally Protected? with Tracey Mylecharane


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Are you confident that your online business is legally protected?
This week, I have Tracey Mylecharane of TM Solicitor on the show to share her expertise with you. Tracey is a small business lawyer who works with business owners to navigate their obligations and legal roadblocks so they can focus on driving their business with peace of mind.
In the messy middle, we’re often busy up-levelling our systems and frameworks - a big component of this includes our business legals. In this episode, Tracey is here to provide her expert insights, advice and knowledge to help you look at your business from a legal perspective and ensure you have the important parts covered.
Many business owners find the legal side of their business daunting and confusing. Tracey is here to clear everything up for you with her motto of prevention is better than cure. Business owners often don’t realise they need to reach out to a business lawyer until a difficult situation lands on their desk and they’re panicking.
Tracey explores the importance of setting up clear, tailored and accurate legal documents in your business and website, your obligations under Consumer Law, the 3 core documents every business must have as a foundation, and 3 big no-nos when putting together your legal documents.
This episode is valuable to all business owners who are feeling uncertain over how legally protected their business is, now and in the future. Make sure you write down Tracey’s top tips and listen back to this conversation again to ensure you’ve got it all covered.
The most fundamental tool you have in your business to protect yourself is your legal documents. Tracey advises all business owners to make the investment with a legal expert to breathe a sigh of relief and take the mental load off their shoulders.

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