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It can feel uncomfortable to follow up on past enquiries. Many business owners wish they could skip over the follow up and sales side of their business because it feels pushy. So today, I wanted to share a mindset shift that will give you the kick to follow up with ease and provide an amazing client experience.
In this episode, we’re going to explore the key to following up with customers with confidence. I’m talking about past or cold leads - the ones many people hate to call. I’ll help you reframe the nature of follow up so you can pick up the phone knowing you’re about to help your client in their buying journey.
I used to work in sales and sales leadership between businesses and I absolutely love sales - so I may be alone there! But I want to share my story, experience and mindset so you can start loving it too.
Firstly, follow up is not about you - it’s about your prospective client. It leaves your client feeling valued and shows them that you’re there to help them get good results which all adds to a positive client journey.
If you change your mindset to focus on your client and stop worrying about the outcome, you’ll never be apprehensive about following up with a customer again.
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