Breast Cancer | Oncology Today with Dr Neil Love: PARP Inhibitors in Breast Cancer (Video Interview)


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Featuring an interview with Dr Judy Garber, including the following topics:

  • Applying the FDA indications for PARP inhibitors in breast cancer (0:00)
  • Role of HRD (homologous recombination deficiency) and loss of heterozygosity in assessing patient risk; potential role for PARP inhibitors and other therapies for patients with mutations in genes other than BRCA1/2 (7:04)
  • Efficacy data from the NEOTALA and OlympiA trials (11:30)
  • Case: A woman in her late 30s newly diagnosed with invasive ductal breast carcinoma (16:55)
  • Considerations for genomic testing for patients with breast cancer (22:46)
  • Impact of COVID-19 on genetic counseling; PARP inhibitors as prevention; major toxicities with olaparib (27:28)
  • Case: A woman in her early 50s with residual disease after neoadjuvant therapy for triple-negative breast cancer (33:59)
  • Case: A woman in her mid 30s with metastatic disease who experiences disease progression on palbociclib and Olaparib (35:33)
  • Future roles of PARP inhibitors in the management of breast cancer; impact of iniparib on PARP inhibitor research (38:57)

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