Episode 201 : Jody Breeze on T.I. going at Charleston White, Atlanta vs Memphis, PnB Rock death, Checking In+More


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00:00 Intro

00:25 Jody Breeze on his success since his last interview

00:54 Jody Breeze on the importance of the podcast and blogging world to the rap industry

01:40 Jody Breeze on how it is to speak on situations publicly

02:10 Jody Breeze on which stories he shares in interviews

02:42 Jody Breeze on his new music

03:15 Jody Breeze on streaming changing the music game

04:40 Jody Breeze on artist and labels manipulating their streaming numbers, payola

05:20 Jody Breeze on album sales being down because of the internet

05:49 Jody Breeze on releasing singles or just putting out a lot of songs so you don’t get forgotten

06:46 Jody Breeze on Atlanta hip-hop, Atlanta is still the Mecca

07:55 Jody Breeze on what is special about Atlanta and having love for other people coming up with you

08:55 Jody Breeze on the dangers of being a rapper today

10:07 Jody Breeze on artists living up to their image

10:53 Jody Breeze on why LA is so dangerous and if someone is from the street they should understand that; knowing how to pull up to different cities

12:33 Jody Breeze on the most dangerous city

13:07 Jody Breeze on if Atlanta has gotten worse, young people having more money, people coming from out of town

14:17 Jody Breeze on making money in Atlanta outside of rap, black owned businesses

15:32 Jody Breeze on his upcoming work

16:01 Jody Breeze on his writing career vs his solo artist career, people not knowing his credentials

17:03 Jody Breeze on Jeezy being in season 2 of BMF and if his situation might be on BMF

18:01 Jody Breeze on fentanyl epidemic, drug epidemics and how he’s been affected

19:18 Jody Breeze on keeping it real vs playing the game

20:04 Jody Breeze on Charleston White

22:22 Jody Breeze on the blogs having power and starting shit

22:53 Jody Breeze on PnB Rock and rappers being accessible to fans

25:54 Jody Breeze on starting an all Black NFL

26:50 Jody Breeze on doing a versus

29:00 Jody Breeze on new artist and producers to look out for

29:45 Jody Breeze on YSL and Young Thug situation

32:45 Jody Breeze on the deaths in hip-hop and negative messages in rap music, Jamaica banning songs with criminal content

34:13 Jody Breeze on the beef with women rappers and which female artists he would collab with

35:50 Jody Breeze on battle rappers

35:17 Jody Breeze on BBLs

38:05 Jody Breeze on if his ex put his sex tapes on only fans

38:58 Jody Breeze on DJ Ak being annoying, the illusion of the internet

39:57 Jody Breeze on rap groups or getting more money as a solo artist

40:44 Jody Breeze on the situation recording with Boys n the Hood and putting his music on hold for the group

42:21 Jody Breeze advice to his 16 year old self

43:10 Jody Breeze on his newest song

43:47 Jody Breeze close out

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