The Passing of the Baton


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There is a brand new Chief in town, and she's leading the UK's worst-performing police force...and also Cleveland. Over the next three weeks (I know, blame Channel 4...), three people who are nakedly antagonistic - Michael, Anthony & Michelle return to recap the hunt for eleven new fugitives who are spread out all over the UK in a quest to escape capture and win a share of £100,000 - beginning with the first two episodes and capture of Elinor & Meurig.

In this episode - Michelle is excitable, Michael has a small problem with Channel 4 (made worse by finding out it's two episodes a week all series after we recorded this!), we lay down the ground rules of talking about the new Chief, we try and work out why it's only a 23-day Hunt, Lisa shows that she's been hanging around Dr Steve Hersee too long already, we wonder if there's been a deliberate tonal shift in HQ, someone's appearances get limited because of us, Meurig & Elinor get trafficked, Anthony creates a new rule, Michelle learns some new slang, our favourite Hunter gets a promotion, Anthony gives us a quick bout of trivia, a new Hunter uses up his free go, the weather betrays a cliffhanger, another favourite NPC is crowned, we learn the difference between urban exploring and delinquency, the editors get a bit of praise for doing a cute joke rather than showing us testicles, the Searching Debbie's House scene is confusing, we try and guess who's getting caught next, Michael wonders where the wanted posters were and we guess who will win.

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See you next week for Episode 3!

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