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Evaluate what would please your partner more, because we are back for 2022's Wie is de Mol season! Over these ten weeks, two guys who always practice their excuses in the knowledge that someone will ask questions - Logan & Michael - are recapping, analysing and speculating all about Wie is de Mol's season in Albania, continuing with the fourth episode and elimination of Arno.

In this episode - Logan gives us more animal stories, there is a bit of a blast from the past when we get a listener correction, we have a slight problem with people being able to hide money, the first challenge comes in for a little criticism, we wonder whether you can trust anything Production say anymore, the first challenge gets fixed, Logan spots an interesting numerical fact, we reveal Sahil's five differences, Rik's non-WIDM job is announced, we eulogise Arno, there are the latest updates to our Pool and First Suspicions list, and we reveal our latest suspects and try and predict who is going home before Logan is tested on his homework.

You can join in with this week's Bother's Bar Suspect List here. If you filled in our First Suspicions list, we are keeping an eye on it all season and reporting back (and lightly teasing anyone who got the Mole wrong)!

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Michael & Logan directly! We will see you next week for Episode 5!

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