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Find out who the hell the Bear Guy is, because we are back for our second season of new/old Wie is de Mol recaps! Over these nine weeks, two guys who see either everything or nothing - Logan & Michael - are looking back on our second old season of Wie is de Mol - 2017's offering in Oregon, continuing with the fifth episode and righteous elimination of Jeroen.

In this episode, Logan finally understands why Jeroen was forgetable, there's some parish notices following episode 4, Michael remembers something about Sigrid, the shooting challenge breaks the "Follow the Money" theory, we swap bear stories, Michael misremembers something, we delight in Production's struggles, Jeroen gets an emotional departure, there's a fifth set of suspicions and we give Jeroen the send-off he deserves.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Michael & Logan directly! We will see you next week!

Please note: This season is intended on being spoiler-free, so please watch the episodes along with us. Unlike our previous trips back to Mole History, this season does not feature a spoiler section at the end of the podcast, as Logan hasn't seen it! Any season we have already covered (18-21; Renaissance) are fair game though - and as someone from this season did appear on Renaissance, there may be some references to their placement in that season.

Additional note: Sorry if you're a fan of Jeroen - we've been very mean to him this season. We're sorry because you're a fan of him - no regrets for what we said.

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