Rand(Nerds); Episode 196 - Miracle on the Humber, or "Just Sully it"


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Welcome to episode 196

We have a bit of an issue, life has got in the way an impacted our gaming lives so not much to discuss, but that's not going to stop us!

We discuss how theirs a you tube channel for everything including accountants amazingly, Skazz has been eyeing a new sea based office in an old WWI fort, we discuss forming a new society and Zaber flight plans to join us.

We do manage to find time to discuss the next mission on Demeo, Realm of the Rat King, Ram talks about which version he prefers having now played both PC and VR versions.

Skazz sons has now reach the first age of man, and has been allowed his own VR headset, responsible parenting and why young kids should not be allowed VR headsets.

We also briefly talk about 'Golf with your Friends' and which game engine you should use.

We also talk about some podcast recommendations, how we'd get thrown of a cruise/plane, Google killing off useful services, the rand nerds action figure range, Ninja stealth mode ram and Generation 'Alpha'


Not only do accountant You-tuber's exists, but they do React videos!

Real lawyer Legal Eagle goes into laws broken in famous Films.

A t-shirt that will get you stabbed.

A new office for Skazz, and potential base for Rand(Nerds);

Comedic telling of real life ship wrecks in Ship hits the fan

And the airplane counter part Black box down

Also recommend Mentor Pilot plane crash series

Which generation are you in?

Another crazy goif game with 'Golf with your Friends'

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