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Parenting: It’s the hardest job we’ll ever do. Most of us are tired, stressed, struggling through meltdowns, and counting the minutes until bedtime. But what if raising kids could feel just a little lighter? What if you could end even the hardest day feeling good about how you’re parenting? I’m Dr. Hilary Mandzik – a licensed psychologist and mama of 3 changing the way we do parenting, so there’s less stress and more joy, even in the hardest moments! Join me each week on the Raised Resilient Podcast as we explore tough parenting topics, from managing meltdowns to building self-esteem (and everything in between!). I’ll help you understand your child’s behavior (and your reactions to it!) so that even the really hard moments make more sense. I’ll empower you with tools, strategies, and scripts to navigate those really hard moments with connection and confidence. (And I’ll remind you that no tool, strategy, or script is as powerful as your parenting ace – your relationship with your child!) I’m passionate about parenting differently – parenting in a way that sees all kids as good, even when they’re struggling. I’m passionate about breaking unhelpful generational cycles and putting a hard stop to spanking, time outs, shaming, and yelling. I want to help you stop worrying about whether you’re “raising them right” and feel confident that your kids will grow up trusting themselves and feeling comfortable in their skin … because they were raised resilient. And that’s big. Because raising our kids resilient can literally make this world a better place. Listen, parenting is hard no matter how you do it. You won’t “enjoy every moment”, no matter what that lady at the store says. But I’m here to help you go from just barely surviving to parenting in a way that genuinely feels good, for you and your child. So warm up your coffee and grab your ear buds. It’s time to raise resilient kids! Connect with me: https://www.raisedresilient.com/ IG: @raisedresilient Get your FREE copy of my Complete Guide to Meltdowns! https://www.raisedresilient.com/grow Major themes: respectful parenting, gentle parenting, peaceful parenting, attachment theory / building a secure attachment

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