Political Warfare: China’s Strategy to Win without Fighting


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In this interview with Professor Kerry Gershaneck, we discuss his book, Political Warfare: Strategies for Combating China’s Plan to ‘Win without Fighting’. The book was published in 2020 by the Marine Corps University (MCU) press. Topics include:

  • The history of “political warfare” and its roots going back to Vladimir Lenin and the Soviet Union
  • United Front Work and its use as a political warfare tool
  • Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ideology and the character of China’s regime
  • China’s overall strategy and tactics to “win without fighting”
  • How America used political warfare during the Cold War and then abandoned it in the 1990s
  • China’s influence in American business, film, education, and media
  • The origins of “One China” policy and how China is applying it to influence geopolitics
  • A brief history of Taiwan after the Chinese civil war
  • America’s changing diplomatic relations with China and Taiwan during the Cold War
  • Current events related to China and Taiwan and the near term prospect for an invasion

Political Warfare book

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Professor Gershaneck is currently a Visiting Scholar (Taiwan Fellow) at the Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, College of International Affairs, National Chengchi University, with special focus on the People’s Republic of China and their use of political warfare. For a total of seven years, Professor Gershaneck was the Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Royal Thai Naval Academy and the Distinguished Visiting Professor at Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy, Kingdom of Thailand.

Professor Gershaneck has extensive regional security and academic experience in the Asia-Pacific Region. He has consulted for the U.S. government, HQ North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the United Nations Command (UNC) in the Republic of Korea, the American Bar Association, and various Asia-Pacific-based organizations. In academia, he has taught at the university level for more than 25 years, primarily in topics related to National Defense & Regional Security, International Relations, Strategic Communication, Crisis Communication, Leadership Development, and Journalism.

A "Mustang" Marine Corps officer, Professor Gershaneck's military experience includes Special Warfare, Counterintelligence, Intelligence, Infantry, Armor, and Strategic Communications and Public Affairs assignments during combat and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations. His awards include the Department of Defense Superior Service Medal and the Legion of Merit.


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