How COVID Has Changed: Michael Rothberg, MD, on PYP 528


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When COVID-19 first hit, we were dealing with a dangerous and often lethal threat that spread like crazy, with no good treatment. All we could do was put the afflicted on respirators, of which there weren't enough, and which didn't really help.
Now we have highly effective vaccines and treatments, new variants, and widespread semi-immunity.
So what does the new reality mean for how we move forward?
Should we still be masking? And if so, what kinds of masks?
What about participating in gatherings? In the home? At restaurants? Outdoor crowds?
Should we adopt China's "Zero-COVID" policy or throw up our hands in defeat? Or are there other options on the continuum between those extremes?
And what have we learned, and what should we have learned, so we can deal more effectively with future threats?
My guest, Michael Rothberg, MD, has been our COVID guide since March, 2020 (see below for links to his two previous appearances). He's the Vice Chair of Research at the Cleveland Clinic's Medical Institute. His Twitter profile announces, "Opinions subject to change with data." And he and I have been debating all manner of things since we met as 7th graders at South Orange Junior High. (I hate to admit it, but he was usually right.)
In our conversation, we cover various issues related to Sars-CoV-2, including testing, the development of new vaccines, whether AI can speed up the drug development process, what we know about the Omicron variations and long COVID (spoiler: not much at all), and the differences between COVID and Monkey Pox.
Michael also points out how some conservative talking points, which were completely misguided in 2020, are now quite relevant. And how liberals must give up their entrenched opposition to these ideas as reality has shifted.
My hope is this conversation will help you protect yourself and your loved ones from real threats while still being able to enjoy life fully.


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