Marketing for an Overnight Success With Will Hench of NIPYATA!


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Will Hench is an entrepreneur, full stack marketer, and experienced brand strategist. He is the Co-founder and CEO of NIPYATA!, a company that sells personalized piñatas stuffed with alcohol. He is also the Founder and CEO of threadlab, which makes sustainable fashion for men.

Will’s background is in marketing and e-commerce businesses, heading the marketing of companies such as MoneyLion and Quadriserv. He received his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and his master’s degree from New York University.

In this episode…

There’s an old saying that nobody plans for success. Particularly for startups, so much time is spent on trying to perform that few people are prepared if their product takes off. Overnight successes can be just as difficult as slow rollouts, so it’s important to capitalize effectively if and when that opportunity arises.

Will Hench had unprecedented success for his business NIPYATA!, a company that offers alcohol-filled piñatas. After being featured on a show, their small brand was given a spotlight they hadn’t seen coming. They had to quickly market their product and change their strategy to match their new pace. Along the way, they learned some valuable lessons on how to grow correctly.

Darren Fox takes the time to interview Will Hench, the CEO and Co-founder of NIPYATA!, to hear how they’ve marketed their product and met the increased demand. They go over the origin of the brand, how he applied his background in marketing to the business, and how they’ve maintained their success. They also go over the new products they’re rolling out in the future. Hear it all on this episode of the Pitcher This! podcast!

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