#59 Helen and Chace Rankin | How to compound your efforts and fast track your results


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In this episode, Terry sits down with two of the earliest members of the program: Helen and Chace Rankin. They discuss their journey, from frustrated and confused couple who couldn’t work out why they weren’t achieving what they were capable of, to calm and connected team who’ve set themselves up and have earned life choices most would see as luxuries.
Also in this episode

  • How they transcended circular arguments about money.
  • The insight that allowed them to wasting time and effort on the small things and channel it toward getting big results.
  • What it was like to get invested right before the COVID crash, and how the rode it out together as a team.

Most people don’t get started working on their money because they feel like it’s not the right time or the rewards are too far off in the future. Helen and Chace’s story proves that the sooner you commit to consistency, the sooner you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labour. If you want to be inspired by what’s possible, then have a listen to their story.

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