From Traumatic Events to Inner Peace and Wisdom - with Ryan Souther


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Ryan Souther is a certified shamanic life coach and art therapist, and he goes by Llama Su, on various online platforms.
He has written a book of poetry and a couple of books of haiku which is a type of short-form poetry originally from Japan. He had numerous art exhibitions in the northwest. Humboldt County, California has been his place of residency. He has a ten-year-old son with the name of Marley.

  • Tell me, what was your life like before you turned to Wisdom Tradition?
  • What was it like to start an apprenticeship in the temple of the Jedi order in your early 30s?
  • Studying Joseph Campbell together with the books by Alan Watts certainly is a great combination. And Carl Jung, this is a fabulous trio to get to the root of good and evil, and the like... What do you find so fascinating studying these great thinkers and influencers?
  • What kind of meditation do you do and then tell us more about your poetry Haiku and your art?

Authors and Gurus mentioned:
Huston Smith
Philip Novak
Joseph Campbell
Alan Watts
Carl Jung
Ram Dass
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